What started as a conversation between two people quickly turned into the realisation that this was a bigger story that needed to be told. Voices Of Hope came into existence as that story.  To be hope and help for those struggling with mental illness and its related daily struggles.  A continuing conversation that invited people to speak and be heard, to seek help, to help others and to live this life together.

Our Vision  


Through the power of community and the triumphs of personal and relatable stories we believe it's possible to support each other through challenge or illness. As a movement we want to do this by Challenging Stigma,Presenting Hope,Connecting To Help and Investing In Treatment.

Voices of Hope 

Each person is photographed wearing our signature candy lips. To us they represent "hundreds and thousands of reasons to speak hope".

When we come together to have this type of conversation,when we choose to be vulnerable with our stories and to invest in the stories of other people,we have the power to see lives change and people choose life.