We would like to acknowledge these amazing individuals, organizations, companies, groups, and supporters who have helped Voices of Hope in so many ways . We sincerely extend a special thank you…

To the groups and individuals who make us look good and help us make things happen:

Patrick and Ben for VOH Logo design, Tegan for Graphic Design,Ben and Brian for film production, Liam for editing, the entire crew involved in vision video in L.A.,Paul Nobilo for his expertise in all areas of finance and organizational governance.    

To those who carried our banner in unexpected places and ways:

The many people who appear in our Voices Of Hope videos. Thank you for being brave enough to let us into your world and for letting us help you to share your story. To all those who submit thier story on the Your Story page, its YOU that makes our cause worthwhile. To the gifted writers who make up our blogging team- thankyou for putting pen to paper and inspiring us with your words.  

To the organizations and companies that showed continued support:

Thank you Jetstar, Spark , AMP, Coffix , Lee Srasberg Theatre and Film Institute

Thank you to everyone who supports Voices of Hope.More importantly,thank you to everyone who is fighting for change and learning what it means to love people, stay for people and build people up. 

We’re all in this together.