Voices of Hope was founded in 2014 by Genevieve Mora and Jazz Thornton. Both being mental illness survivors, they felt the need to use their past experiences alongside their passion for creating content to provoke and bring change. They do this by creating videos that target mental illness issues and provide hope as well as writing blog posts on different topics. Since the launch of Voices of Hope, their content has received both national and international recognition that has caught the attention of companies wanting to support there vision. 


Our Mission

The mission of Voices of Hope is to provide hope and help to both those struggling as well as their friends/family. We aim to break the stigma that prevents people asking for help and provide stories and content that shows that no matter what you are going through you can get through. 

Poignant videos show people reading out their own suicide notes to prove there is a way back from utter despair
— Daily Mail UK