You are not a burden

You are not a burden. You are not too much to handle. You do not come with too much baggage. You are not your 1 AM mind, your sleepless nights, your doubt, your fears, or your mistakes.

Imagine the best parts of yourself, your favourite part even. Find the things that you love most about yourself. Imagine yourself on your best day.

Because that’s also who you are. You are not defined by the worst things that stir within you, but by the best things that you have grown.  Recovery is a journey, and some days it’s hard to accept the things that you live with every day. On your worst days it is easy to be consumed by these feelings of loneliness and failure. You begin to believe that you are the illness, instead of believing that you are a valued and significant person who just happens to struggle with mental illness.

Every day you must remind yourself that you are not a failure

You are not your depression.
You are not your anxiety.
You are not these days of darkness.
You are not a lost cause.

Because each day can be different. You can decide that you have had enough of waking up feeling isolated and afraid. You can decide to feel alive, to embrace the fact that you are living and breathing. 

So say to yourself, “I am beautiful. I am loved. I am enough.” Focus on this. Because Light triumphs over Darkness. Love overcomes Fear.

“You are beautiful.”
Even when you don’t feel good enough. Even when you don’t fit the mould. Even when other people don’t tell you this.

“You are loved.”
Even when you’re alone. Even when everyone else seems to have someone and you don’t. Even when you don’t feel capable of being loved.

“You are enough.”
Even when you’ve done nothing in the day except hide under the covers. Even when you relapse. Even when you forget why you started.

Here’s to more good mornings than bad.