I believe that our self-image has very little to do with the actual size and shape of our body.

It is not determined by our eyes or nose or lips.

It isn't defined by our curves or angles. Our reflection.

It isn't about the way we move or sit or stand.

The way we compare to others is not about our body, our face or our hair.

How we see ourselves isn't actually about our physical appearance at all.

I believe that our interpretation of ourselves is purely based on our mindset.

It is the power of our thoughts. They warp our reality.

They turn skinny into fat and beautiful into ugly.

They distort the image in the mirror and the image in our head.

They seek imperfections. They hunt them down. Knowing that it is only with these that they stay alive.

These thoughts plague our body like a disease.

Tearing down anything pure or pretty.

Filling our mind with lies to keep us in a place of self-deprecation and self-harm.

There they are safe. It is in our despair that these thoughts thrive and multiply.

They take us to moments in our past. Other times we have lived in this feeling.

They blind us from any beauty we have ever seen and then once we have succumbed to the belief that we are disgusting and ugly our thoughts evolve further.

They take us to being unloveable, unworthy, undeserving.

They infect our soul with their hatred. Robbing us of our present, our past and our future.

And we are oblivious because we have had a veil over our eyes. We have been disillusioned into thinking it is about our body.

That if only it would change then we would find happiness.

So we attempt to manipulate it into something that resembles nothing of its origins.

We cut and purge and starve.

Searching for something that never existed in the first place.

Realising this is where our power lies.

This is the secret.

Our bones are set. Our skin is unchangeable. Our limbs will always be as they are.

But our mind can be altered.

We can teach it and rewrite the story it plays on repeat.

We can learn to distinguish between old, outdated self-limiting beliefs and thoughts that hold the truth.

We can silence the abuser in our head which will in turn silence the abuse we inflict on our bodies.

We are in control.

We are powerful.

We are the creators of our own lives through the way we think.

We can heal all wounds.

We can see ourselves through a lens of acceptance.

Which finds grace and desire tucked away in every corner of our being.

So we choose this instead. To go forth with love and focus not on how we look but on how we think.

Choiwee xx