Through blood and tears

I am tempted to pinch myself.

But then I remind myself of the journey. That I know to be real. It has left scars that can be seen and scars that can't be seen.

So there's no need to try and break the perceived illusion.

This reality has been earned. I have fought for it through blood and tears.

I have pushed myself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 

I have learnt more about myself than I had wanted to know. But I am glad I know.

I know I deserve this life of abundance.

I have accepted the up and down but recognise the down is less and it is only ever temporary.

I have caught myself in the act of self-sabotage and halted it before the damage is done.

I have seen the innocence of my soul and can distinguish her voice now from the other one.

I see change and growth and evolution.

I am on the path towards the vision I know to be true although I can't hold it in my hands yet.

I am the creator. Creating my life by design. Using all that I have discovered to empower others to step into their greatness.

There's no time for a half-hearted life. There's too much to lose. There's too much to regret.

This lifetime is here for us this one time. This day only happens once. This moment has already passed.

How did you spend it? In your ultimate bliss?

Were you sitting in a place of gratitude, allowing everything you desire to be drawn towards you?

This day could be the one you look back on and know it changed everything. That the path of your life was altered forever because of one decision. 

The power of one decision.

Just decide. Decide you are worthy of it all. Decide that you are done with excuses and self-limiting beliefs.

Decide that doubt has no place in your mind anymore.

Your mind and the choices you make have more of an impact than you know right now.

You are beautiful, strong and worthy.

Decide right now to live and the path to happiness will be created through the acceptance of your decision. 

Much love,