Dear the person reading this who is battling.

The first thing I must say is I am so glad that you have chosen to stop and read this. You are important, you are worth every second and every word, your life matters. I know that right now it may feel like it is never going to get better (Trust me, I remember those feelings!) but I can now tell you with confidence that it can and does get better. Hope is never lost, our circumstances at times just blind us from seeing it. When I was battling through my toughest times with suicide attempts, wards, self hatred and everything else I remember thinking ‘this is the way my life is going to be forever, so why try.’ These beliefs and behaviors had become so ingrained into my thinking that it had become part of my identity. So let me tell you this: You are NOT your behaviour. You are NOT your beliefs. You are NOT your struggles. You are a person has struggles, but you are not your struggles. It is so important to remember this because it is only when we separate ourselves from realising these are simply things that we are dealing with that we can then start to work through them.

Please reach out to someone you trust. You never should be walking this alone and there is ALWAYS someone to go to. Your life is so valuable and it is so possible for you to live it to its full potential. Here is something to remember : The issue you are battling is never the behaviours, but the beliefs that have you acting in these ways. For me, these beliefs were “I’m unlovable” and “I’m a burden” - Beliefs that had been built up from a young age that I had to really work at to overcome. Please know that if your beliefs are similar to what mine were, that you are not a burden and you ARE loved. People’s lives would not be better without you here, that, I promise. Start fighting, reach out and know it is possible to dream again.

You are stronger than you think and I believe in you.

All my love,

Jazz Thornton.

Co-Founder Voices of Hope