I deserve good things in my life

I love to sleep in! I love to take my time. On countless occasions I get stuck scrolling endlessly on Facebook’s news feed. And I've fallen in love with this narrative. You see, I've given myself an easy out, by telling myself “I'm not an early riser, I’m a night owl." 

Another narrative that I've been letting define me is that "I'm not an organised person!" I love wearing the badge of honour that I’m a creative mind so I can’t be tied down! And by saying that "I can't be understood" is a cool sounding way to let myself off the hook and be okay with being lazy! “Guys, I’m lazy!!” 

Another negative narrative that I've had to battle, and maybe even more so since starting blogging, is I've told myself for a long time that I don’t have much to offer. “Why does anyone want to read what I've got to say?” “Why do I think I can make this lifestyle work for me?”  So I responded in such a way that I stayed in the background and played it safe. I lost a lot of hope, and it dictated a lot of my options. I've put a lot of effort into making these negative things come to be a reality. 

The negative things that people tell us are the negative beliefs that hold us back. The newest research in neuroscience tells us that the more negativity hammered into us the stronger these negative pathways become, and they become our go-to reactions to situations.

But I have found some hope. The hope lies in the power we have to rewire our brains. Research tells us that as we begin to tell our own story, as we begin to own the negative things that have happened, and also recognise what was untrue about those negative narratives, we can actually reinforce a positive rewiring of our brains so these negative pathways become weaker.

The brain is activated in exactly the same way when we share our story with people we feel safe with, and when we listen to other people’s stories. We begin to rewire our brains into believing new narratives. Positive Narratives. And that can lead to behavioural change. 

As I end, I want to finish with a suggestion as to how you can begin to practise positively rewiring your brain. Those negative narratives can be loud and overbearing, but we are going to start telling ourselves some positive ones!

Find yourself a mirror and just stop and stare. Say to yourself, "I hope for good things for my life today."  "I deserve good things in my life." 

You have the power to take back your life’s narrative! No one else does. It starts with you!

Ella List.