How Music Helps

I sit at my desk, scrolling through the music on my MP3 player, looking for that one song to put me in a great mood. Some days I can listen to every genre. Then there are days I feel isolated and alone to the point where my music can be the only thing I hold on to. Music holds me in its arms while I cry. It takes my hand and walks with me in the darkness. 

Music can evoke many different emotions. Sometimes those emotions are the ones that float on by when I have a depressive episode. Whenever I need a moment to myself, I turn my music up loud, pick the best song that will reflect my feelings and just let it take me away. From time to time, during moments of struggle, I don’t need to make myself feel happy and fake. Instead, I just need to let the pain happen, feel what is real and let the music help me.

Once I start to feel a little better, I can see things from a different perspective. I begin to notice and analyse what I need to do to help feeling like myself again. I know music is a constant. I know it will always be there for me in moments of trouble. I know there are songs that will say what I need to hear. I know music will always be a way to escape and help me find peace. When words fail, music speaks. Music never lies.

- Andrew