Come as you are

You are enough, just as you are.
I used to tell people who were struggling that I was proud of them for simply getting themselves out of bed in the morning, but now I realise that even that puts an expectation on somebody to do something that they may not have the energy for. So now I say, “I’m proud of you for continuing to be.” Even when your world feels like it’s caving in, even if your heart feels like it’s shattered into a million tiny pieces and picking it up takes more strength than you seem to possess, I’m proud of you. I’m proud of you for allowing yourself to feel, to feel the oceans upon oceans of pain or sadness, panic, confusion, anxiety, trauma. I’m proud that you got out of bed this morning - or that you didn’t.

Come with your baggage and your fear, your addictions and your brokenness, you are acceptable and accepted exactly as you are in this moment.
With no expectations or agendas, you are accepted even if you never find the strength to heal or to change. You are accepted as a human being, with inherent worth and value that transcends anything you do or do not do. That is not the measure of your value.
You are accepted as fully and completely in your darkness as you are in your glorious, blinding light.
You are worthy of love and belonging if panic or trauma keep you isolated from being in the world, just as much as any other human being who goes through life without your struggles.
You have a beating heart and blood pulsing through your veins, you have air in your lungs. These things are beautiful and they are good. They will sustain you even if you cannot sustain yourself.
So go ahead and shatter, cry, scream, feel, let your walls fall down. Take all the time you need, and when you’re ready to rebuild, rebuild.
And there is a gathering of energy, nature and humanity that is rooting for you, exclaiming your wholeness, beauty and worth from the hilltops, with every roll of the ocean and every rattle of your lungs, we are rooting for you.