Please Remember

To those who have given up on beautiful metaphors and filled their journals with harsh lines. Maybe anger, spite, regret, or maybe the jagged bold scribble of “I have always been like this.”

You see, when you allow yourself so much time in the dark, when you let it take over, it’s like it becomes impossible to remember the light.

It hurts sometimes, in your chest, in your head, yet sometimes it doesn’t feel like anything, just emptiness. Empty is familiar, empty is easy, empty is what you are used to.

Fear steals the breath right out of your lungs, Fear has become your friend. Fear wants to be your security blanket, to hold your hand, and doesn’t want to leave.

You forget. You forget that there is another way to live: a lighter, more fulfilling, better way to live. You forget there’s a future that isn’t married to fear. When you’re in the dark for a long time you can forget.

Sometimes you need a reminder: a spark, a jolt, a hint that the light isn’t unattainable. The light – the way out of the dark, out of the empty, out of the grip of fear – is yours. You just have to take it.

It’s an uphill battle, this recovery business. Some days you will be convinced that you are going down and not up.

But there is hope. Hope that there will be better days.  There will be days you will laugh more than you cry. There will be days a smile creeps up on you and takes you by surprise.

Things that make you feel valued and loved. People and places that make you feel alive

And there is reason for that hope: It’s to remind us that there will be better days

So please remember.

Take care of yourself.

Do what you need to do to survive the day.

Meet yourself where you’re at.

Be kind to yourself.

Fight for the next good day and hold on to hope.