To you

I hope you know you’re not the only one who feels the way you feel. You are not the only one who struggles. You are not the only one with questions. You are not crazy. You deserve to be heard, to be known. You deserve love.

You deserve love.

You deserve a place that feels like home. You deserve some hands to hold. Hands to pull you past the broken moments, hands to catch you when you fall. Eyes to see you. To say you’re here, that you exist, that you light up a room, that your presence is significant. Ears to hear you – hear your stories, hear your laughter. Ears to hear your questions and to say they matter.

Your questions matter.

Maybe call a friend today or invite someone to coffee. Tell someone they matter or tell someone you could use a chat. Write a letter or ask someone how they’re doing. Go to a store and try on something that you cannot afford right now, but treat yourself to the idea of embracing what seems impossible. It means that you’re alive.

It’s good that you’re alive. Who else could play your part?

I hope you get to a place, wake to a day where that feels true, where that is true.

You deserve to know it’s true.

Voices of Hope is a community of people with questions and struggles. It is for broken people and it is led by broken people. Life is heavy and light. Life is both. Beauty and pain, aches and dreams. We are saying that it’s okay to talk about those things. We are saying that we need to. We are choosing to believe that stories deserve better endings. We are choosing to believe that better endings do exist, that hope is real, that help is real, that people need other people.

You are not alone today. You matter.