You can not be replaced

Our latest VOH video is about real suicide notes written by real people - people who once thought there was no end to their dark tunnel and who attempted to take their own lives. However, each one of them is living proof that there is always hope. These are their stories. We asked them to tell us how recognizing their own irreplaceable qualities gave them the hope and courage to keep going. These are people of varying ages, backgrounds, and life experiences, each one possessing traits, dreams, and experiences all of their own—and each one buoyed and empowered by the recognition of their unique worth.

When people see the words “suicide prevention” it is my hope that they don’t just see the words but feel the stories. It is my hope that we recognize that suicide isn’t just about statistics or something medical, it is about human pain and in order to move through our pain, problems, and the difficult seasons in our lives, we need support. We need community. We need love. We need other people. While we spend most of our lives in a race trying to separate from one another, in the end, it’s the sense of coming together that really matters most. That’s what has meaning.

As I ask you to consider the stories of the lives lost to suicide, I also ask you to consider your own story. Maybe you are feeling stuck in the middle of it. Maybe there is a lot of pain. Maybe life is really difficult right now.

Whatever your situation is, I encourage you to watch this video not just for information but watch it as an invitation to be honest. To be open. To look inside and ask the question we tend to avoid asking: “Am I OK?”

Just put it out there—to yourself, to someone you love—and welcome an honest answer.

This is an invitation to go beyond the words “suicide prevention.” Feel the humanity and the heaviness of it. Recognize the significance of the stories stopped short by suicide. Consider just how significant you and every one of us are. And then, take a moment to hold onto four words—first in your head, and then forever in your heart: You. Cannot. Be. Replaced.