"We felt the need to use our past experiences with mental illness to provide hope to those struggling."


Genevieve Mora

As a mental illness survivor I feel like I need to use my past in order to help others. I didn’t go through all that torment just to sit here and let someone else struggle. My firsthand experience could make a huge difference to those suffering. From the very beginning I knew needed to use my experience to help save lives. I am here to provide hope and to let people know that there IS a light at the end of the tunnel. I AM PROOF!


Jazz Thornton

As someone who has fought and overcome mental illness I have such a strong passion to help see others through it. I nearly lost my life to my mental illness many times, but instead I am lucky enough to be alive today to tell my story. My hope is that people will not only hear stories, but will learn strategies so that they can uncover the hope that certain circumstances can hide and therefore become free.