Why "reset" days are so important for my depression

I’m not doing so well today. This is one of the days, where I won’t be telling everyone what a great day I had, or how I beat my depression, or rave about how productive I was.

If the truth be told, I’ve been in bed all day. I don’t have the mental strength to just get up and face the world today. I’m drowning in my depression and I just can’t seem to shake it. I’ll try my best to get up soon and do some laundry, muster the energy to cook dinner, but that’s about all I can expect from myself. I’m doing the absolute bare minimum today and that’s OK.

I have come to realise that you don’t always have to be stronger than your depression. Nobody can be OK every day. It’s just unrealistic. It’s OK to take a day off and to  just accept this is life sometimes. I call them “reset days” and I can accept that. This is not a sign of weakness; this is a sign of strength. 

I needed my bed today. I’m not always sunshine and rainbows.

Tomorrow, I will make myself feel wonderful. Tomorrow, I will be positive. Tomorrow, I will shine again. Because today, I just can’t. Today, I am hurting. Today, I am not OK. And that is perfectly fine.